Submit Transaction


 type SubmitTransactionPipelineInput = {
  transaction: Transaction | FeeBumpTransaction
  networkHandler: RpcHandler | HorizonHandler
  • transaction: A transaction of fee bump transaction ready to be submitted for processing.

  • networkHandler: A handler to communicate with the Stellar network. Can be an RPC handler for Soroban transactions or preferably a HorizonHandler for Stellar Classic transactions.


type SubmitTransactionPipelineOutput = {
  response: HorizonApi.SubmitTransactionResponse | SorobanRpc.Api.SendTransactionResponse
  • response: A response object for a successful transaction. Can be of type HorizonApi.SubmitTransactionResponse for Classic transactions or SorobanRpc.Api.SendTransactionResponse for Soroban transactions. These types are sourced from js-stellar-sdk.

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