Default Account Handler

Initiate and manage an account directly through its secret key.

Extending the 'AccountHandler', the 'DefaultAccountHandler' class allows for an account to be loaded through its secret key, enabling its management capabilities. This account can then be used in transaction invocation as a 'signer' parameter to integrate into the transactions pipeline.

How to use

There are a few different options to initialize an account with the Default account that can be used depending on the use case.

Initializing with the secret key

The main way of initializing a default account handler is by providing its secret key to an object during the instantiation of the class as the following:

const myAccount = new StellarPlus.Account.DefaultAccountHandler({secretKey:"SCGCPZYE24NMPOXAH3E3VZMMN4AIQSCXPN4K6MWZ7FLYVA57H26C5NWY”})

This is used when you already have an existing account and want to handle it after loading it secret key from a different source.

Initializing a new account

Whenever the default account handler is instantiated without providing a secret key, it automatically generates a new random keypair and uses it.

const myAccount = new StellarPlus.Account.DefaultAccountHandler({})

When using this option, be aware that the keys are merely generated locally, the account still won't exist in the Stellar network until a 'create account' operation is performed. For this, when using test networks that have a Friendbot, one can make use of the 'Friendbot' helper for Accounts to initialize the account with some lumens funds. Refer to the article for more detail.

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