Stellar Asset Contract Handler


The SACHandler class in the Stellar Plus library is a sophisticated tool designed for managing Stellar Classic assets wrapped in the Stellar Asset Contract (SAC). It seamlessly integrates the functionalities of a classic asset handler (ClassicAssetHandler) and a Soroban token handler (SorobanTokenHandler), providing a unified interface for both Classic and Soroban asset interactions.

Core Features

  • Dual Interface: Combines classic asset functionalities with Soroban token operations.

  • Wrap and Deploy: Facilitates the wrapping of classic assets into Soroban contracts, enabling deployment and interaction on the Soroban framework.

Constructor Parameters

The SACHandler constructor accepts SACConstructorArgs, which include:

  • network: Network configuration (testnet ).

  • Classic Asset Parameters:

    • code: Asset code of the classic asset.

    • issuerPublicKey: Public key of the issuer of the classic asset.

    • issuerAccount: Optional issuer account handler. This will enable management functionalities in the Classic Handler.

    • transactionSubmitter: Optional classic transaction submitter.

  • Soroban Token Parameters:

    • spec: Optional contract specification object for the Soroban token.

    • wasm: Optional WASM file as a Buffer for the Soroban token.

    • wasmHash: Optional identifier for the WASM hash of the Soroban token.

    • contractId: Optional identifier of the deployed Soroban contract.

    • rpcHandler: Optional custom Soroban RPC handler.


Upon initialization, the SACHandler instantiates both the ClassicAssetHandler and the SorobanTokenHandler with the provided constructor arguments. This dual initialization allows the SACHandler to manage and interact with both classic assets and their corresponding wrapped Soroban token representations.

Key Methods

Wrap and Deploy

  • wrapAndDeploy: Wraps a classic asset with the Stellar Asset Contract and deploys it for interaction in the Soroban framework.

    • Arguments: TransactionInvocation, which includes transaction header, signers, and optional fee bump parameters.

    • Output: Promise<void>, indicating the completion of the wrap and deployment process.

After the wrapping takes place, the contract ID will be updated directly in its Soroban Token Handler.

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